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This retreat will put focus on you, your life and your relationship

We have spoken about self and expressed our belief that looking inward is a powerful tool to create external change.

Our control over others is little to none yet we have 100% ability to control our own lives.

No individual ever suffered from having too much good health, containing too much personal fulfillment or being too happy.


So why not focus on you, together.

7 nights - $9,850

September 25th - October 2nd  2022

All inclusive package for duration of retreat.

- Airport transfers

- Welcome drink

- Freestanding room with private pool and rice paddy view

- Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. room service or dine in

- Barista coffee, tea, juices

- Transportation during stay

- 1 hour massage everyday

- All therapy is included in price

- 24/7 crisis intervention

- Access to our ongoing support program 

- Cocktail, mocktail, beer and shots not included

- Purchases made outside the resort not included 

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